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Boiler Model

Most steam boiler operators understand the need for water treatment to prevent their installations from failing (statistics show more than 80% of steam boilers fail due to poorly managed water treatment) but a drum of chemicals with a dosing pump on top clearly does not do the job otherwise there would not be so many failures.


By considering the heat equations, flow and chemistry of the system on a minute by minute basis we can identify some of the problems and the risks involved with a site’s installation, its practices and as a bonus, explore the economies of operation.

To get an insight into how dynamic your boiler is and the need for an intelligent managed system have a look at our YouTube video channel or download our numerical boiler water spread sheet and drive it yourself.


We expose all the calculations enabling you to analyse your own installation with confidence because you can see the maths and justify its methods,  you can modify the parameters and adjust the settings representative of your boilerhouse to obtain better understanding of its operation thus allowing you to optimise its performance and prolong the life of your boiler.


Aquanet International consider this spreadsheet as a free and open source document to analyse potential areas at risk, calculate the correct doing rates for varying boiler loads and estimate the costings for water, fuel and chemical.


If you can improve on its methods then please do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions.

For computer security this only uses relationships and does not contain any Macros.

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