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AQ652 & 655 Cooling water systems

Cooling water automatic montioring system nitrite rocor chemical dosing 24/7

Quick glance... 

  • Minimises corrosion

  • Lower operating costs

  • Ensures correct chemical levels at all times

  • Reduced man hours in system operation and tests

  • Easily reconfigured for new chemical suppliers allowing a free choice

  • Direct Nitrite measurements.

Download the Specification

Download the Nitrite analyser Specification

The AQ655 is a cost effective modular system that keeps the level of nitrite based treatment within the desired parameters.
The system consists of a control module, which contains all the sensor electronics, dosing control and the data communication hardware and software. The dosing pump complete with suction assembly and low level alarm are also mounted on the frame which also allows space for two chemical treatment containers.

Installation is simple and can easily be carried out by ship or facility staff. The dosing units are placed close to the most convenient point in each cooling water circuit to be treated, with only one chemical injection line and one measurement point to be installed.


Cooling water automatic montioring

The control unit displays current reading.

Optionally, a data communication unit can be supplied for use with any suitable existing PC to provide continuous display of readings whilst pre-formatted management reports give a summary of average readings for any period requested. 

When possible, AQ652 systems with 2 pumps and dual controller on one frame, can be implemented to save space. 
Both AQ655 and AQ652 systems can be linked to other Aquanet systems

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