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A temperature compensated salinometer system with in line retractable probes that will operate up to 10 bar pressure and 140 Degrees Centigrade.

The AQ500 range of salinometers comprises the following sub-assemblies which are electrically interconnected
Probe assembly
Probe amplifier module
Display and conditioning board
Optional external alarm 
Optional Data Comm Unit with AQUANET software

Data logging together with display and analysis of data are possible, by connecting to a suitable PC running AQUANET software

A single unit has the ability to continuously monitor and provide alarms for up to eight probes whilst maintaining galvanic isolation between channels, complete with a scrollable LCD display for local display of each probe reading.


If more than eight probes are required, then additional units must be installed.

The units are interlinked and only require a mains supply with the alarm outputs run to the PC, which is placed at the control station and will give a permanent display of all readings and Hi/Lo alarm indication. Event alarms provide warning messages and advise corrective action. There are 4 fully configurable alarms per probe, which are normally factory set to your requirements.

Calibration is possible either locally at the probe amplifier, on the control panel or via AQUANET software to a suitable PC. If AQUANET software is used then time programmable warnings for calibration appear at regular intervals and when alarms occur they can alert through the ships IAS system. 

Download the Specification

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