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AQ TDS Controller

TDS monitoring control automatic 24/7 blowdown pulse output realtime

Quick glance... 

  • Keeps boilers scale and corrosion free

  • Lower operating costs

  • Surface blowdown control

  • Reduced man hours in system operation and tests

  • Optional timed bottom blowdown.

  • Pulsed output control for steam valve

Download the full Specification

At a pre-determined interval the controller pulses its scum line blow down valve and measures the temperature and conductivity of the discharged boiler water. 

If the conductivity is above the pre-set limit it will pulse the valve open and closed for a few seconds at a time until the conductivity (and hence TDS) falls to within limits, after which it waits for a predetermined time until the cycle starts again.


The bottom blow down valve and the steam header valve inputs have provision for micro-switch feedback which indicate to the controller the success or failure of the valve opening.

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