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AQ 301

24/7 boiler water steam control monitoring dosing automatic instrumentation

Quick glance... 

  • Keeps boilers scale and corrosion free

  • Lower operating costs

  • Ensures correct chemical levels at all times

  • Reduced man hours in system operation and tests

  • Easily reconfigured for new chemical suppliers allowing a free choice.

Inteligent dosing on demand

Download the full Specification

The AQ301 unit is specially designed to suit automated water quality management for industrial boilers up to 15 bar at an affordable price. 

The AQ301 system can be manufactured for a single product chemical regime, with one injection pump, or for a 2 product regime with (max) two pumps. 
The unit further comprises pH, conductivity, feed temperature probes and mechanical flowmeter. A built in LCD allows quick and simple monitoring of current analysed conditions. 

Probes are easily calibrated from the front panel and a low product level alarm is provided for the chemical drums. 

The unit is stand-alone but can be expanded to full remote monitoring, data logging and display with AQUANET software and PC. 

This unit accepts only a single boiler water sample. For dual boilers and/or a feed sample, an AQ300 unit is required.

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