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Aquanet AQ300 HP

24/7 boiler water steam control monitoring dosing automatic instrumentation

Inteligent dosing on demand

Quick glance... 

  • Keeps boilers scale and corrosion free

  • Lower operating costs

  • Ensures correct chemical levels at all times

  • Reduced man hours in system operation and tests

  • Easily reconfigured for new chemical suppliers allowing a free choice.

Specially designed for High Pressure boiler systems (up to 100 Bar), the AQ300HP accurately monitors the boiler and feed water conditions for up to 3 boilers and feed tank. It injects exactly the required amount of chemicals and provides automated surface blowdown. It keeps the entire plant within the desired chemical limits, 24 hours a day, regardless of load.
The units can be programmed for different water treatment chemicals allowing you to choose the ones most suited to your application.
The system includes pH, conductivity and temperature probes, data communication unit with software, feed flow meters, auto blowdown valves, test kit and dosing pumps c/w suction assemblies with low level alarm. The system can be expanded with a dissolved oxygen probe for total control.
The software provides for continuous display of all important readings and pre-formatted "Management Reports" provide a summary of average readings for any period requested.
The unit can be linked to other AQUANET systems and all readings are displayed on one monitor. The system is pre-configured for each installation and a choice of coolers, pumps, flow meters and blowdown valves are available depending on vessel requirements.
Installation can be carried out by ship's staff, shipyard or sub-contractor. AQUANET also have their own team of installation guru's.

Download the full Specification

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